Monday, January 16, 2012

And the reason behind all the pain is...

so off we went to the clinic yesterday. as i was so in pain that i barely could walk.

first dear hubby called the clinic and then the doc said to come to the clinic for check ups. but the nurse said come at 8pm as there are many people queuing but she shall adjust for me to see the doctor first (mind u, we dont have any appointment made).

owh, we was having diner at planet tomyam when the pain strike again so instead of going back home, we simply head towards the clinic. ooo, mmg ramai gile kot org!

while dear hubby went for magrib, i headed towards the loo, ape lagik. muntah my stomach out la. dear hubby kate, satu clinic dgr bunyi muntah cam dinasour tu. owhhh, that bad ehh? 

after 10 mins of waiting, the nurse urshered us in. in which i could see a few pairs of eyes rolling out as if tak puas ati apehal derang datang lagik lambat ttibe bole masuk plak nih?

and, i suffer from amorphous phosphate 2+. dalam bahasa pasar kita, kencing batu- batu karang?. whatttt?

Amorphous phosphates is the name given to a granular precipitate containing calcium and phosphate in an alkaline urine. Calcium phosphate crystals, regrouped under the term apatite, have mineralogical names that differ according to their chemical composition. The CaH2PO4*(2H2O) is called Brushite, the calcium hydroxyl phosphate is called hydroxyl-apatite, the calcium bicarbonate phosphate is called Dahlite or carbonate-apatite.

and the pain is solely meant for me, not for the baby. thank god! i could not imagine anything happened to our lil caliph. but to be sure, ultrasound are being made. and for the first time, our lil caliph smile for us! owh so cute! and of course, our lil caliph proudly show the little gender thingy. ok sayang, mummy nampak. clear sgt. dah dah tutup sikit...

sayang doc tak print out, but we do have the video. sgt jelas, tho daddy was a lil bump out seeing the baby's 4D scan which he smiled for us. 5months dah bole senyum eh? tanye daddy. hoho

and since i am only 21 weeks pregnant, the doc did not want to pursue any treatments or give any medication. the only thing she could suggest is that i drink lots and lots of water so that the crystal dissolve and come out.


takpelah, to gain something, u have to give something up. and i am willing to have all kind of pain as long as my baby is growing healthy

Ya Allah, berilah aku kekuatan dan kesihatan sepanjang aku mengandung dan melahirkan. aku bersyukur padaMu ya Allah atas segala rezeki yang Engkau berikan. Kau berkatilah kami dan peliharalah anak dalam kandungan ku ini dari segala anasir jahat dan syaitan yg direjam. Kau peliharalah anak dalam kandunganku ini agar dia membesar, sihat tubuh badan dan akal fikiran, lahir kedunia dengan selamat, hidup dan membesar dan dapat menjaga kami di hari tua kami. Dan Kau peliharalah dia supaya menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah.



  1. Owh.. Alhamdulillah, tak affect baby.. :)
    Take care... so, share la the gender.. >.<

  2. tula. alhamdullillah. cumanya sakit yg amat la. batu karang kann.

    hehehe. gender tu. u bole agak kot. sbb die tanpa segan2 show.

  3. i nk teka. boboboi ke? hehe. u take care. mnm byk2 air k ;) semoga selamat sumanya.

  4. aduiiiii kena batu karang lah pulak ye patot la ko cutiii hehehe igt saja2 cuti..ok ok ko rest bebanyak dan minum air bebanyak!

  5. Take care, kena banyakkan minum air kosong.

    p/s : I guess 'we' share the same gender.

  6. yanie: :D

    noora: insyallah. will do

    jay: tu la pasal. takkan gile aku nk cuti time keje melambak2 kat ofis tu. ni pun work from home weh. sbb nk kene siapkan by today. aiyakkkk