Friday, June 7, 2013


what's your child fav word?

mine would be dada. and yes, dada mean daddy. 

not mom, nor ma. but dada.

ok, seyes mommy jeles.

and y dada? because dada (in hamza's mind) means that yay, i got to play! let go play! its playtime!

but when he feels hungry, sleepy, sick, mad, tired, angry, who shall he call out for?

guess who?

mom. yes, mom. not dada.

exhibit 1:
main macam nk rak ngn daddy, gelak gile2, mommy langsung tanak pandang. pastu ttibe lapar dan nk susu. biasa la, daddy confirm malas nk buat, pastu tanya, hamza nk mommy or daddy buat susu?

confirm pandang mommy, dan sebut mom. 

oooo. tadik main ggile tak hingat mommy, sikit tanak main ngn mommy, dah lapar mintak susu kat mommy? iskk!

exhibit 2:
daddy balik keje, senyum sampai ke telinga. daddy ilang sikit dari pandangan kemain lagik nagis macam setahun tak jumpa daddy. main ngn daddy. wrestling bagai. bile daddy buli, takde de nk sebut dada.

confirm pandang mommy, dan sebut mom. 

kire cam nk ngadu la tu. 

ah mommy takkan layan punye!

exhibit 3:
main dengan daddy, seronok2 dengan daddy, nk tido, nk daddy tidorkan?
takde maknanye

menjerit2 tamo dada buaikan dia. 
mom gak kuar dari mulut die.
as if "mom im sleepy, please put me to bed. and i want you. not daddy, go away daddy!"
ok, thats what i wanted to believe what hamza really wanted to say.


what ever it is, mommy and dada love you so much.

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