Sunday, January 5, 2014


org sibuk christmas aritu, aku warded.

demam panas.

dekat colombia setapak.

doctor mmg best, facilities mmg best. tp nurses out. huh.

aku copy paste je ape aku tulis kat fb.

1 star. as fb required at least 1 star to begin with.

im currently an in-patient, an EXTREMELY UNSATISFIED in-patient. the doctors are okay, but most of the nurses are bitches!

imagine me asking for panadol since moning (read: my fever has gone down at late night but beginning to spike again in the morning). ive been asking several nurses for panadol andthey even measured that yes my temp is rising. and guess when the panadol come? at 2.30 in the afternoon! and the nurse come back to me and smirk "ok dah dpt panadol?" because i kept on asking when can i get the panadol?

and one nurse did said to me like this "eh napa xdischarge lagi? demam je pun"

and this is the latest incident, the insumat machine is beeping stating that the driphas to be changed so i ring the nurse. she come n changed it while i continued sleeping. then the machine started beeping again. another nurse came in and asked me y.

when i pointed that the machine is beeping again, she scolded me "jgn bgerak byk sgt. sbb nanti machine bunyi!"
i was like "i WAS sleeping! im not moving araund!"
and she reply "biasalah machine bunyi kalo gerak byk. machine xsalah"
and i lost it "the machine was beeping earlier. drip dah abes. a nurse came earlier to change it. then it bipped again! so i ring for nurse again! u can asked the nurse outside if u dont believe me!"

she simply said "xpayah panggil nurse, biasalah machine beeping"

and i said "the nurse yesterday said if the machine is beeping called the nurse".

she simply said "tak. tak payah"

i replied "so do u aspect me to sleep with that irritating beeping noise?"

with that she left me alone while mumbling irritating and went to the nurse station and bitch about me.

will i come to this hospital again? NO!
will i recommended it to others? NO!

i strongly believe that the hospital should train the nurses some PR and obviously MANNERS.
 — at Hospital Columbia Asia,Setapak

 owh, aku dah sihat, alhamdulillah. cuma kali ni aku rasa, morning sickness aku lagik teruk, sbb kalo dlu aku mampu gak wat craft bagai, ni tak, cuma melepet je terbaring. haishhh

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  1. aku xda pengalaman mcm ni dgn hospital. tp pernah Nampak dpn mata pesakit kena marah oleh doctor...
    Pesakit datang ke emergency sebab dah ada tanda nak bersalin. then doctor tanya 'dalam masa 1 jam ni puan akan bersalin ka?' pesakit tu jawab xpasti. then doctor tu marah 'badan sendiri pun xtahu ka??'
    boleh imagine mcm mana lah perasaan pesakit tu...