Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Cocktail for Three

Page: 304
Normal Price: RM39.90
Price Bargain at Big Bad Wolf Book Sales:
RM8 *owh, so damn cheap! i likee*

Maggie, Roxanne and Candice, the heroines of Wickham's latest Brit romp, are three successful women in their early 30s working in the editorial office of the Londoner, a magazine enjoying a circulation renaissance. They meet on the first of every month at the Manhattan Bar, a posh lounge that caters to clientele sporting Prada bags. There, Wickham serves up a healthy dose of good-natured witticisms mixed with biting retorts as the trio bonds over adultery, pregnancy jitters and guilt. Freelancer Roxanne secretly dates an unknown referred to by the women as Mr. Married while jet-setting to Cypress and other foreign locales on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Maggie's stuck at home in the country on pregnancy leave from her position as editor. It is kindhearted reporter Candice, however, who is in for serious trouble. When she recognizes a waitress at the Manhattan Bar as Heather Trelawney, whose family was ruined by Candice's father, Candice decides to make amends. When Heather applies for a job as editorial assistant at the magazine, Candice supplies her with a writing sample of her own, landing her a job over 300 other applicants. Not heeding her friends' advice to leave well enough alone, Candice continues to extend herself beyond normal bounds of generosity and is surprised to discover in the end she's been duped and betrayed by Heather. In a predictable climax, Wickham delivers a nicely sewn up ending with each of the character's problems resolved, although none all that happily. Readers desiring a chatty, neatly told tale will be delighted by the author's deft handling of character development and drama.

i say:
frankly, i dont read this book front to end. i simply skip the pages where Heather are in. i hate the Heather part. even when they first met her. i know that she is up for no good. how stupid for candice to not know it. duh! so i just read the first half of the book, without skipping any pages, then grew tired of Heather than skipped most of Heather part, then resume reading all when Candice realize that Heather was nothing but a scumbag i.e when Roxanne secret lover, Ralph (i forget the name already) died from cancer.
and i totally opposed to the fact that Maggie wouldnt return back to her job just because she is having baby. i mean come on, having a baby means that you have to end your career? which century do you lived in? i was this closed to not finished reading the book and pick up other books to read when i jumped to the half end (as if mentioned earlier, the part where Roxanne secret lover died.) here, as if they just wake up from their sleep, the character realize everything. Candice realize that Heather was a slug. Roxanne realize that she should not blame Candice for her lover's death and Maggie, realize that she could be a career woman even if she had babies. then, i enjoyed the rest of the books.
though googling, i realize that many women out there simply love this book, i found that i just like the half end of it.

and yet, i felt like i should pick other books at the fair. i could not help to felt that this book simply did not worth my RM8 (though i know it is cheap. ) because i still felt like i have watch something similar to this before this (at hallmark maybe) as i seem to know the ending before i read it.

Star: 2.0

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