Thursday, October 13, 2011

i found my morning sickness is no more morning but has become all-day-sickness. this morning, i could barely open my eyes as i felt all my energy has been drain out hence, off to sleep i went. slept for almost 2 hours then woke up just in time for our luncheon at KL Tower. no camwhoring as i am not feeling well. no eat-what-ever-u-could as well.

the evening, i managed to cook 2 dishes for dear husband and while waiting for him to get home, again, the energy are no more with me. plus, i think i am having a fever. right after magrib prayer, i went to rest only to be waken up by dear hubby for dinner. dont have the energy to eat let alone to hold the spoon, dear hubby have to fed me. then off i went to bed.

since the fever is quite high, and i refused to take medication as im afraid it shall affected the baby, dear hubby placed 3 fans in front of me and have to dap me with cold cloth the whole night. i felt so hot that i have to hold the cold pack in my palm to reduce the hotness.

and yes, i do felt blessed to have such considerate and loving husband. thank you sayang for being there with me. i dont know what to do if you werent there.

i love u so much sayang.

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