Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Moment of Truth

Questions for doctor:
  1. Is the pregnancy vital?
  2. How to reduce the morning sickness?

arrived at the clinic at 3.30pm only to be treated at 6.30pm. as usual.  and it is the moment of truth we have been waiting.

the answer for our questions:
  1. yes! alhamdullillah! syukur ya Allah!
  2. i was given medication to reduce the nausea (tho i did not take any as im afraid it shall affected my baby). and the doc told me to adapt to all the uneasiness as it shall continues until birth. and that dear hubby to help me in doing whatever i cant do.
the doc said that our pregnancy is about 7weeks, however, the v.ultrasound said that it is only 5w1d. but not to worry as it is normal for the fetus to be smaller than the week it supposed to be. whatever it is, the pregnancy is vital and our baby is growing up healthy. amin!

*our first picture of our first baby*

our next appointment shall be on 1st november 2011 in which, on that date, the exact due date and conception date can be determine. and i am yet waiting for my 'buku pink'. 

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