Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning Sickness

tho im loving every minutes of my pregnancy, i  didnt know that morning sickness is going to be bad. 

and i could not understand why people called it morning sickness, as i believe it not only in the morning but throughtout the day and night.

it felt like the energy has been drained off, which i could only lie down and sleep while regenerate the energy. it was like one second i was up and running doing all works and the next minute i was so tired that i could not even move my fingers.

im not complaining. i could do anything just to finally be blessed with a child and of course the morning sickness are bittersweet. tho i realize that being pregnant has turned my hubby into more loving and caring husband and yes, the child has made us even closer.
but hey, thats what pregnancy are all about right?


  1. you should love the morning sickness. its what we always wanted remember?

    (yer2 aku..kang bile turn aku, aku pun buat entry mcm ko) :P

  2. hehehe. nope, im not complaining. tidakkkk.. cume nk meluahkan. hohoho

    hehehhe. i love the morning sickness as it is a ticket for not showing up at works or lying in bed all day long. tp kan jay, sampai bila nk baring je? senang kate, ur body isnt yours anymore. mcm alien has taken over.

    aah, sekalik ko kene morning sickness teruk cam aku, mesti ade entry camni gak. :P

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