Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 4

to be honest, i am confuse which week am i now.
last visit to the gynea (last monday) i believe i heard she said that according to the scan we are now 4 weeks 1 day. but calculating from my last period, it says that i am in week 5. shall confirm this next visit (12/10)

What is going on with baby?
Baby is approximately 1 mm long (about the size of a poppy seed) and looks sort of like a tadpole. Your ovary contains a tiny corpus luteum which is what is left of the follicle your egg was being housed in. The corpus luteum will produce progesterone until the placenta takes over progesterone production around 10 weeks after conception (when you are about 12 weeks pregnant). Right now the placenta is still forming and the cells that will become your baby are dividing at a rapid pace.

Mrs A adds: i remember the gynea said that the baby IS about 1mm long. how small is that? yet i didnt see it during the ultrasound. i simply cant see anything, tho daddy said he did see u. silly mummy!

What is going on with Mom?
You may be feeling some symptoms of early pregnancy by now or you may not notice any changes yet. You may feel more tired, your breasts may feel tender, you may notice that you are urinating more frequently, or you may feel like you are just about to start your period. A lot of newly pregnant moms, in fact, think that they are not pregnant because they feel like they are about to start their periods. Early pregnancy symptoms often feel similar to PMS symptoms. You may feel bloated and be worried about slight cramping but this is normal for early pregnancy.

 Mrs A adds: i still cant believe that i am pregnant. maybe that there are no changes yet. and i am thankful that i am one of those whom did not experience any morning sickness. alhamdullilah. tho i did took MC yesterday as i dont felt well. it was like all power & will has been sucked out from my body and leave me sleeping one whole day.

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