Monday, October 3, 2011

3rd October 2011

on 25th September, i was down to see a stain at my panty. I was like, no more hopes this month. 
however, it was only a small stain. no menses followed. which was weird.

tho i dont really mind as my AF simply come and go as she please, for example, last August, my AF came 2days after my first stain.

yet, its already 3rd October. 

at first i dont want to have UPT as i dont want to get crush if it shows only 1 line. u know the feeling of -ve. how useless u think u really are.

but, i did bought 2 UPT and yet doesnt hv the courage to test it.
after finished making dinner, while taking my bath, i tested.

and guess what it showed?
 alhamdulillah! yet, i seem not to believe it and tested again. this time it still shows 2lines, but more fainter.

i felt like shouting, Alhamdullilah!!!!

and immediately i woke my husband up and dragged him to the toilet to share the big news.

when he see the +ve UPT, he was like, 
"Apa maksud satu terang 2 line, satu lagik tak terang? abg tak pecaya. abg nk tido"

in which i was like slapping his face hard. how could he! but the reason why he said that was that he was afraid that we shall undergo the same thing before. *see my other blog*

so at 7.30 pm, off we went to see the gynea and was only being called in at 12.00am!

and yes, the doc confirm the pregnancy. tho she did said
"according to this scan, you are 4 weeks 1day pregnant. however, we shall wait until week 6 and check whether the pregnancy is vital or not"

we are pregnant!
tho i am afraid hearing those words, it didnt stop me from having sujud syukur.
aku bersyukur padaMu ya Allah atas segala rezeki yang Engkau berikan. Kau berkatilah kami dan peliharalah anak dalam kandungan ku ini dari segala anasir jahat dan syaitan yg direjam. Kau peliharalah anak dalam kandunganku ini agar dia membesar, sihat tubuh badan dan akal fikiran, lahir kedunia dengan selamat, hidup dan membesar dan dapat menjaga kami di hari tua kami. Dan Kau peliharalah dia supaya menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah. 
aminnnn, ya rabbil alamin.


  1. alhamdulillah..
    Tahniah :)
    Do take good care of yourself.

  2. HPT tu ko punya gamba ke? gile terang 2line tu!!!