Friday, December 9, 2011

Music for Pregnancy

Sound was born with humans. Pleasant tunes transfers good vibrations in the atmosphere. Good and correct music brings forth positive vibrations in the nerves of the listeners. Music is a direct experience before being transformed into thought and feeling. Indian Classical Music has much impact on individual moods and behavior. Certain Ragas with specific notes acts positive on individuals mindset. Our Upanishads speaks about the effects of Classical Music on individual life, behavior, environment and one who listens to it with rapt attention. During the early stages of pregnancy, music given to mothers to be does very good effect for the fetus.

The research has been carried out by DR.T.MYTHILY, Ph.D, who is a research scholar, a Clinical Psychologist, and Music Therapist. 

so, rabu lepas, temankan kak D pegi pc fair dan secara tak sengaja terbeli mp3 dan headset utk baby. *owh, aku mmg tak penah ada mp3, sbb aku tak suka dgr lagu.* mmule igt nk beli bellyset, tp sure mahal punye, so end up beli headset yg bole pusing2 tu je. dan balik letak instrumental music. ok lately (since started ttc) aku mmg dah lama tak dgr radio, cume dgr instrumental. so bile balik, time malam nk tido, letak dekat perut. 
ok, sebelum tu, tru out pregnancy, aku sering sakit perut. ok, bukan nk terberak ke cirit ke. it's just my belly hurt. doctor kate sbb rahim membesar. dan juga sbb parut operation tu stretch out so sakit. so, aku tak dapat jawab kalo org tanya, dah rasa baby gerak?

ok, berbalik kepada music tadik, malam nk tido, letak kat perut. and guess what? perut rasa bergerak2. seyes. bergerak2 yg pelik dan aku tak sure itu sbb sakit or what. *owh btw, mmg extremely perlahan la aku pasang.* lepas tu makin lama aku dah biasa. then perut rasa tak selesa lagik, aku amik headphone letak kat kepala, rupenye lagu full house. ooowh, kite share the same song ehh?

pastu, bila time bacaan quran, amazingly, calm. 

which is good kan? sbb bacaan quran mmg menenangkan baby kan. 

erm, again, aku tak sure itu sume perasaaan aku sndrik ke. or mmg time tu rahim tgh sakit ke. or mmg baby movement. 

ok, suddenly i felt like a bad mother for i cant recognize the differences.


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