Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So & Stop

being pregnant, people always asked me how do i deal with my morning sickness and all. some do show empathy, while some simply judge me.

for those you judge me, this entry are dedicated to you.

yes, i know some of you did not undergo morning sickness like me. good for you then, but please, stop judging me.

so i still felt nausea eventhough ive reach 2nd trimester. its not like i throw up at you.

so i have to take lots of medications. not that i wanted to, but they are prescribe by the doctor. gynea. so i do have to take it despite what ever you said or told about your previous pregnancy.
yes, you also have complications during your pregnancy, but your doctor did not prescribe those medication, maybe because our condition arent the same. so stop telling me not to taking my medications.

so my belly hurts. sometimes so much that i can barely stand it. so during your pregnancy, u have worst morning sickness ever, but did your belly hurts like mine? in fact, do you know what kind of pain i really felt actually?
yes, they said during 2nd trimester, no more morning sickness or belly pain. but i still felt it. not that i fake it. it happens. things happens. maybe this is my fate. this is my pregnancy journey. so stop comparing me with yourself.

stop looking weird at me as you see me rubbing my belly. no, im not trying to tell the whole world that i am pregnant. my belly hurts, i dont know why and what cause it, but rubbing it soothes the pain.

so i cant stand for a long time, let alone walk far. it's true that i'm simply cant. not that i used pregnancy as reasons not to do my job. i still do my job, it just that i need time to gather my strengths and thoughts. but hey, everything still finished within the stipulated time. so y bother?

so my belly did not really shows. so what? the most important thing is that our lil baby is growing healthy according to doctor.

so i ate sweet food. as i could only swallow sweet foods. i have to really aviod oily food. yes, sweet food can lead to diabetes. but the doc said, eat whatever you can. as long as you eat. hey, i still lost weight. and to tell you the truth, i am scared. pregnancy should gain weight, not lost weight. hence the sweet food.

stop telling me to move around so that my lil baby wont be that lazy after being born. im not faking the tiredness. i am really tired. and no, i am not stingy. im being extra careful about my money. last month only, the check up and hospitals bill cost me around 1k. please be considerate.

stop telling me to go to government hospital to reduce the cost. my medical history are with the doctors and we are comfortable with her. yes i know it is a lot of money going for private, but i believe our lil baby deserve the best. duit boleh carik... anak susah nk carik

so can barely cook eversince i get pregnant. my hubby gets it. he understand. y dont u?

try living with me for a day. then you shall know my condition. my lil sister, who used to compare me with my older sister, lived with me for 2 days and she completely shut up when she sees how bad my conditions are. i could throw up anytime and most of the time, i spent lying down. and amazingly, she did the household works for me as i could barely moved. nice!

or, try swapping life with me for a day. then you shall know what kind of belly pain im having, the nausea, the tiredness and all. sanggup?

but for those who are really understand my situation. i am so thankful. may Allah bless you.


  1. ignore je ape org kate dear :) setiap org berbeza condition pregnantnye kan..yg ptg u jage diri n baby..

  2. ~S~
    Biasa la tu kan.
    Sebenarnye kes kita macam nak sama.
    Entering my 2nd trimester, sume org cakap morning sickness should be dah habes.
    Tapi saya rasa je lg. Gynea still bagi some medications untuk reduce nausea ni.
    I loss my weight.

    Dah nak masuk 7 bulan, perut saya still not showing. Pun ada yang complaint.
    Cakap my baby bump is too small lah, itu lah, ini lah.

    Tapi seriously, hanya kita and orang2 yang rasa sama macam kita je kot yang akan faham.

    So, let them be.
    Mari kita sama2 enjoy our pregnancies.
    >.< Enjoy this sweet miracle 40weeks >.<
    Take care. :)
    Semoga kita selamat deliver kelak and our babies pun sihat walafiat. Amin.

  3. Can't agree more. I've been dealing with unwanted advises too. Geez, I wish people would just shut up.

    Take care, always. x

  4. wow! people can be so judgemental. im so surprised learning their existence in this world. i thot eeverybody has to be nice n gentle to pregnant ladies. at least I was taught to. to h*ll wit them n do whatever necessary to keep urself n the baby comfortable. stay strong ok! ;)

  5. suen: itula. awal2 tu senyum dan ignore. tp kalo dah ttiap hari, haih, malas nk layan dah.

    cahaya: tu la. ramai sgt yg nk bagi advise. niat mereka mungkin baik. tp tanpa sedar, kite terguris kot. amin, semoga kita sama2 selamat melahirkan.

    vv: kannnn. if only they could! thanks, u take care too.

    yanie: itula. takde anak derang bising bile nk pregnant, once pregnant, bising pasal other things plak. haiyooo

  6. i have a very-very mild morning sickness pun tak tahan.. (tak sabar2 nak masuk 2nd tri) inikan pulak asyik muntah je ye..
    my friend ada yang muntah2 the whole 9months...
    sabar ye u..

  7. peh, kesiannya ko weh. tapi takpe, aku harap ko sgt sabar dgn condition ko skang, ini semua ujian Allah. aku rasa kalau time aku nanti mesti tak sesenang oranglain, dah la susah nak pregnant, masa dah pregnant, laagi susah. cousins aku yang susah pregnant semua mcm tu, bleeding lah sepanjang pregnancy, muntah sepanjang pregnancy, diorang siap kate "Nape ye, oranglain tu dahla senang pregnant, bile dah pregnant takde masalah complicated mcm kite pun?"
    semue ni ujian aku tau ko strong!
    and thanks for the info, aku akan lebih concerned about this!

  8. anz: thanks. sdg bersabar. muntah up to today. tatau la nape. maybe baby tak berkenan food yg i makan kot.

    jay: hehe. tula, mmg rezeki aku camni kot. aku terima je. tp penah sekalik termarah baby la kan. pastu tersedar, bukan salah baby pun. badan aku yg reject sume tu, bukan baby. astagfirullah. tp sungguh, aku terima, tp bab2 nasihat2 tak membina org lain tu, aku sukar nk terima. derang tak rasa apa aku rasa

  9. Aku pun dah la payah nak lekat.bila pregnant lak asyik la kena ulang ke KK.tiap2 bulan kena amek darah.kena p cek bp 2 kali seminggu.memang stress dgn keje g.tapi dok ingat,ni yang aku nak kan.hadap je la.