Saturday, December 17, 2011


many told me not to buy any baby things until i reach month 7 of pregnancy. org tua2 kata tak elok. so when i asked the consequences of buying early, they simply said  
"org tua2 kata tak elok. sbaner utk elakkan apa2 berlaku. kalo 7bulan biasanya takda apa2"

ever heard of those saying?

and i said to them, for end of year sales, normally baby items shall be much more cheaper. + many warehouse sales popping out and giving us up to 70% and it surely a lot of saving!

they simply said; wait for at least month 7. or put aside saving for the baby things. or put the money inside a jar labeled FOR BABY PURPOSES. cute.

but knowing me, confirm aku korek kalo sesak2 nnti.

and they said, terpulang. cuma nk remind.

so, for expecting mothers out there, when shall you start buying your baby stuff?

i googled about this, and obviously, mat salleh takde masalah beli awal2 pung.

but remembering their words, i simply cant find the strength to buy any baby clothes. even though they are sooo tempting. hurmm...

but, the warehouse sales are everywhere and i could not stop myself from buying other things. shopping is surely one hell of medicine. morning sickness pun stop sebentar time shopping barang baby ok! haha, crazy mummy.

tapi seriously,
dear all expecting mothers, when (what week, months or trimester) do you start buying baby staff?

please do share


  1. i start membeli @ 7 months. luckily for me, 7 months i tu start mase da akhir2 thn ni. jadi xde la confuse sgt ble nk start membelinye. cume mase before 7 months tu pon, i selalu je ase nk gak sopping brg baby. n i pon dpt advise yg same mcm u. ramai yg advise suh sabo dl, jgn beli dl. kalu da xtahan sgt derang kate, beli yg simple je dl. bantal2, tilam2 baby sume jgn beli lg.

  2. for my first, lepas confirm gender (around 20w masa tu), terus je beli.. hehe
    ni pun for 2nd child lepas confirm gender nak start beli jugak..
    i rasa org tua2 cuma tak nak kita kecewa sgt kalau apa2 dah jadi, barang dah beli...
    doa banyak2.. InsyaAllah.. kalau Tuhan kata nak jadi tu, jadi jugak, beli barang ke tak..

  3. I start beli bila ada sales which was around 5months. Tapi takbagitau parents pun apa yang dah dibeli. Buat biasa2 je, sebab taknak diorang risau or pikir kita ni terlebih excited. ;)

  4. saya start 6bulan beli barang2 baby sbb ada warehouse sale.. heehee..

  5. me sama dgn vv... beli jer apa2 yg patut time sales and of course tak bgtau parents la... kang kena marah

  6. dear all: thanks. my mum rilek je. die tak kesah pun bile2 nk beli. cool je. tp tula, ramai makcik2 yg bersuara ni. tp i beli je skang mane2 patut sbb end of year sales kan. pastu warehouse. tp baju mmg geram nk beli, tp tak terbeli2. hurmmmm