Monday, August 6, 2012


finally.. my maternity leave ends this week. to be exact, this thursday.

but (there's always a but everywhere) i take annual leave this friday n next monday as lil hamza is going to get his vaccination at tg malim (ok, saje tak buat kat kl, sbb kat tg malim tak yah que ok, sgt seronokk dan cepat).

 ok, next monday tu mengada2 je amik leave, but i think im going for work. 3months not working, otak sgt tidak berjalan. duh.

and i shall miss:
1) bangun pagi sesuka hati
2) tido malam sesuka hati
3) masak-masak. hehehe. dah keje penat kot.
4) doing nothing at all.

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