Tuesday, August 7, 2012


i just realize that :

1) we dont have any picture together (the three of us).
2) i dont have any decent picture with lil hamza (proper here means yg bertudung & menutup aurat & muke tak sememeh, pakaian tak selekeh)
3) i did wear lots of browns and black during pregnancy (colorful cloths n tudung, im going to wear u a lot after this)
4) most of my clothes didnt fit. (a hint for a new wardrobe hunt? oho)

excited to get back to work this monday, and i swear not to be sloppy (i am sloppy during my pregnancy) and to be one hot gorgeous momma.



  1. slamat menjadi hot momma ;P aku pun dah lame nak tanye nape takde gambo ko dgn anak ko btul2. ke dah terbiase sbb dari pgnant tak ambik gamba? har har har

  2. time pregnant mmg tak suke amik gamba. laki aku amik gamba aku selamba delete. hahahaha.

    pas beranak pun sama. aku cam selekeh sgt. haiuyaaaa. keje tak bole selekeh dah. nk gorges balik. hahahah (cam gorges je sblm ni)