Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Ways to Beat the Bloat

by Jillian Micheal

Both salt and sodium are hidden in all kinds of products, including packaged foods, fast foods, frozen foods, canned foods, and condiments, to name a few. In truth, our bodies need sodium. It’s an important electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body, controls blood pressure, and improves the function of nerves. However, when you take in too much sodium, the excess that your body doesn’t need is deposited just beneath the skin where it attracts water. This excess water is retained in your cells which, in turn, can make you look puffy and feel bloated.

You don't have to make yourself crazy over this, because there is sodium in everything! Here are five great tips to help you beat the bloat and keep sodium levels in check this summer:

1. Read Your Labels

This might sound really obvious, but the best way to know is to check. You already are checking your calories, ingredients, and other values (or you should be!), so be sure to take sodium into account too. You might be surprised where high-sodium levels lurk, so don’t just stop at obvious products like soup cans.

-> sejak ber-atkins ni, sebelum nk beli/makan sesuatu, confirm aku akan check nutrition fact dlu. kalo carbs lebey dari 10g per serving, say goodbye. kalo below 7g, itu bole dipertimbangkan lagik, tp kene check gak aritu da makan ape.

2. Ditch the Processed Foods

That’s right. Even though sodium is naturally occurring in certain foods (such as vegetables and dairy items), you’ll still be better off by steering clear of those processed items that are loaded with sodium and preservatives. Just be smart: replace those processed foods with fresh.

-> susah ok nk ditch the processed foods. even breakfast pun aku goreng chicken slice. processed food. and thats for breakfast. and dinner. for lunch je fresh food, sbb cafe yg masak. hahaha. nampak sangat pemalasnye kat situ.

3. Avoid the Prepackaged Stuff

Listen, I’m a realist and I understand that you can’t always prepare a healthy, homemade meal for every meal of the day. That said, limiting the amount of prepackaged and canned foods you consume can save you some serious sodium — and most likely calories, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Your best bet is to prepare a big meal in the beginning of the week (say, Sunday) and freeze individual grab-and-go portions so you won’t need to break out the TV dinner at lunchtime

-> ok, weekend ni jom bakar ayam!

4. Cut Down on Condiments

Most of us toss a little ketchup on our turkey burger without a second thought, but condiments can be sneaky, salt-laden sources of sodium. Items such as ketchup , barbecue sauce, steak sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and soy sauce, to table salt (this one’s a given), seasonings, and bouillon are notorious for leaving you feeling bloated. Your best bet? Just stay clear!

-> errr. apa rsa kalo tak marinated ayam tu dengan all the herbs and spices? ok ok positive, marinate je, pastu bakar, ilang kot all the sodiom? hahahah

5. Skip the Pickles

Go easy on dairy, and avoid processed meat (hot dogs, jerky, bologna, corned beef), anything pickled (pickles, capers, sauerkraut), relish, ketchup, and butter. If you’re going to partake in these, make sure you’re opting for organic dairy and all-natural, nitrate-free deli meat and hot dogs. The pickles are a tough one (salt is a key part of the pickling process), but there are no-salt pickle recipes out there if you’re willing to try your hand at it.

-> thank god atkins 1st phase did not allowed us to eat dairy foods. hurmmmm

What's Left?

A little worried after those tips that you’re doomed to endure a life of bland, steamed chicken and veggies? Here’s the kicker: salt is NOT synonymous with flavor. Just because you want to be healthy and cut down your sodium intake does not mean you will be eating cardboard for every meal. Here are some sodium-free substitutes you can use instead that will REALLY kick up the flavor: garlic, lemon, olive oil, vinegar, pepper, basil, cayenne, chili powder, cilantro, cumin, curry, dill, garlic powder, ginger, lemon, lime, mint, onion powder, oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, and thyme.


  1. Aku yakin ko bole kurus!!! caiyok!
    (pom-pom mak buyung utk ko)

    hahaha..weh ayam tak marinate taksedap la..hanyir n tawar takde rase..marinate la gune herbs & spices kalau nak yg sihat ehehehe..sedap!!

  2. hahahah. mesti weh! aku target 50kg! lagik bagus kalo 49kg! ho yeahhhhh

    tula, aku tak kire, aku nk marinate gak ayam2 tu. ape rase kalo tak marinate tah

  3. Salam. Kalau u nk try supplement, let me know. I can guide u. I am now on OmegaGuard and Alfalfa, mmg effective. I mmg tak percaya dengan product slimming yg berlambak kat pasaran skrg.