Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Because

just realize something.

i went for monthly check ups at 3 different clinic.

1. IIUM Health Centre. - just simply because they said i need to have buku merah and to simplify the process of getting GL for my delivery.

2. Klinik Kesihatan Gombak Setia - just simply because my sister said that buku merah uia tak lengkap. see the details here.

3. Klinik Pakar Wanita Medina- just simply because i believe in the doc and that they have my records since the ectopic incident and all my TTC record.

talk about paranoia!

and when people ask me why, i simply answer, just because.

ps: people whom conceived easily seldom gets the paranoid feelings. or i assume so.


  1. i pon mcm mengumpul buku pregnancy je. kat KK ade, klinik panel ade, hospital pon ade.

  2. oo ye ke? i tot im the only one. felt good to have geng. ehhehe

  3. same goes to me..KK ade..and klnik doc pakar i pon ade..so every month akan pergi checkup 2 tempat..even some ppl said mcm membazir but for me i selesa dgn my doc yg klinik pakar tue..compare to KK..dpt scan every month to c my bby..loike..